Our Approach

Not just a tour but a virtual experience

We understand that every story is unique and has different needs.  Let us be your Virtual  experience that answers those needs and helps tell your story. 
​Selecting the right media format (360, 180, 2-D traditional, aerial/drone, time-lapse) for each point in your story-line is critical to really communicating your message.  Our expertise helps guide you in creating your story with the best approach. 
​Let us explain how different media formats would fit different situations.




Full perspective and scale of an area/location.

2-D Traditional Video with Aerial/Drone/Flyover

Combining 2-D and Aerial footage gives you a complete video.  Showing the scale of an interior and exterior of a location. 

Your story will be a combination of the above media formats that help present your school the best.  

There will be 3 main story boards to follow:

Individualized Story -based on questions or needs the student has, they drive the story

Location Story – student is physically on campus, helps navigate campus life

Guided Story – based on a typical campus tour, student just sits back and enjoys