How it all started

We started TOURIT.US after several chats over too much coffee laughing about great times and discussing work a bit along the way.  As a group we are all active travelers and self-described “adventurers”.  We love a good story and experiencing the world, whether on a cruise ship or camping across the county. * Sayulia * Mexico * Zip Lining * Sayulia * Mexico * Zip Lining

We realized that it is so hard to let others share our adventures with just an ordinary picture or videos.  Something was missing and we wanted to master how to let others see the world as we were experiencing it.  This turned out to be much harder than we initially imagined.

We also realized that we shared some other interests and skills that might actually come together as a solution.  Jon has been in the college recruiting and performing arts industry for years, he commented how challenging it is for prospective students and parents to sift through all their possible options during their college search.  He described the challenges schools face in getting their own unique story out to prospective students.  We realized this was where we could really help.

Gary’s years at Wayne State University in their Media production gave him unique insights into how we can help move their on-line presence forward to capture more students interests and what value we can deliver in the production of excellent content.

Pete’s experience in developing custom software applications meant we could combine our interests and passions into a new way of helping colleges and universities tell “their story” to potential students.

We create meaningful engagement using multi-media to tell an interactive story.  Students and parents get to interact with the story-line making it a unique story while retaining your message. This helps you match their interests with your content.