Meet the team

Leadership Team * Pete Stenger
Pete Stenger

Pete has been involved in custom software application development for over 30 years.  20 years ago he began to focus on internet based systems that created user communities for sharing information.  His tools have been used by Fortune 500 businesses and start-up business entering and thriving in the internet.

His background includes several entrepreneurial start-ups and work at some of the world largest consulting firms on projects in the US, Europe and Asia. 

During one project several years ago a client had over 400 web pages they were maintaining, and they were expecting that to double.  We looked at how users were interacting with the site and the content we needed to deliver.  By making the content dynamic and responsive to the users on a data driven model we reduced the number of pages to 25, but increased content delivery and engagement.

Pete’s experience designing and architecting data-driven and responsive web content systems have helped deliver its story-telling platform. * Gry Cendrowski
Gary Cendrowski

Gary is the owner of Music-N-Media LLC, a production company that provides multi-media production services to businesses, corporations and non-profit organizations. Gary consults regularly with executives from a variety of fields to help create media solutions for live productions, multi-media conferencing, promotional projects, documentaries and films. He also holds a position as the Director of Technology for the College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts at Wayne State University.

Gary has a unique quality when working with cameras, camera rigs and lighting in just about any situation from indoors outdoors and in the outback. Gary has received six Telly Awards for Television show pilots, film shorts and documentaries; Gary continues to push the technology and the ideas of other people to produce rich interesting media for himself and his clients. * Jonathon Cash
Jonathon Cash

Jonathon has been teaching many types of dance for the past 22 years.  During that time, he has been speaking with parents and students and helping them answer the question “What college should they attend?”.  This gave him a significant advantage when he started working as a college recruiter, 7 years ago.  He was able to address parents and student’s questions & concerns.

Mr. Cash has been very instrumental in increasing the number of recruitment events that the college attended.  This experience involved following up on leads and interacting with students and parents.  He has attended NACAC and other recruitment events, which have taken him all over the Midwest.

All his years working with students, parents and fellow recruiters have helped anticipate the needs of them all.  This makes everyone’s jobs easier.

Production Team
Julius Davenport

Julius is an editor, videographer, licensed drone operator and owner of Black Dreamz Media LLC, a video production company that provides services to individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations.

Julius started as a student at Wayne State University where he gained his knowledge of editing and videography, later becoming a teacher’s assistant in the media arts department for over three years. He has since expanded his services and now specializes in business promotional content, interview/documentary, and wedding videography.

Behind every idea, concept, brand, or business lies a story and Julius is passionate about creating a compelling story.

As part of his service to his clients, Julius likes to bring a positive attitude to all of his work. At all times he maintains a professional, friendly and personal attitude.